Freddy’s BA-AACCCKK!!!!!!!!

Any by Freddy, of course, I mean the red-headed heroine of my second novel Heir to the Underworld and not, you know the serial killer. Buy Heir to the Underworld NOW for only .99 cents!!!

So, I feel a little silly with that update post, but I honestly thought the formatting would take me longer. But then it didn’t and I got it all uploaded and so Heir to the Underworld is back on the market again. YAY!

I think it’s selling OK so far. It’s like 25000 in the Kindle store which is actually probably higher than any of my books have been…I think.

I got it up for Kindle yesterday morning and I got it onto All Romance ebooks in various formats this afternoon. And then I took a nap. Barnes and Noble asks for a bit more information from their “publishers” so I’ll have that link live in a few more days. I feel like this project pretty much ate my 4-day weekend but it was worth it. Can’t wait to see what kind of royalties I’m gettin’. Not because I think they’ll be a lot, more out of curiosity for what 25000 in the Kindle store means in terms of monies on .99 cent book.

Now, I need to get my head off Heir to the Underworld and onto my next book…just as soon as I check my Amazon rank one more time… ;P


E.D. Walker


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