Sorry for the long radio silence. I’m not sure I am, by nature, a blogger. Or maybe nothing interesting has been happening to me. Either way…once more into the breach. (Henry V is a really good play, by the way, read it sometime).

So, right now all my new projects have been switched to the backburner while I try to get Freddy (That’s Heir to the Underworld) ready to go up as a self-pub. This entails a lot of work. I’m going back through and cutting out large swathes of cool but unnecessary stuff. Then comes the formatting. Then (if I don’t royally bork the formatting) comes the uploading to all the sites. And then, hopefully, comes the money, the accolades, the awards, the fame, the infamy…

Eh, probably not. But hopefully a little bit of money. And the book is currently a contender for Best Young Adult  novel in the EPIC eBook Awards competition. So maybe at least one award.

The cover is done, though:

I really love it. I probably drove the cover artist, the lovely and talented Fiona Jayde, NUTS with all my various tweaks and such. But she was a trooper and I can’t wait to work with her again. (She also did the gorgeous cover for my first book, The Beauty’s Beast).

So, one thing on my list of a hundred Things I Need to Do to Get the Book Released checked off. Whew. 99 to go.

Back to editing the book now to make sure it is fit for human consumption. Or, at least, reading. ;P


E.D. Walker



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