Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

Halloween has always been one of my favorite times of years. And the reason for that is one simple thing: costumes!

When I was a little girl, every year my mom would make me and my sister our Halloween costumes. She is a pretty good seamstress but, more than that, she is a resourceful woman so, even when we asked for really obscure stuff or stuff that wasn’t in vogue (and this was before the big Halloween stores. This was when if you were getting your costume out of a bag it was REALLY bad) she still managed to come up with something great.

One year I asked to be an elephant. One year me and my sister both went as She Ra: Princess of Power. (In my early years, I freely admit to a lack of imagination in my costuming choices. Usually my older sister, whom I adored, would pick her costume and I’d be like, “I want to be that too!”) One year, (before Star Wars cosplay was so cool) I went as a female Jedi. One year, when we were really young, me and my sister went as Lady Lovely Locks and Maiden Fair Hair (I was the younger sister so I had to be Maiden Fair Hair. >P Although, in fairness, my sister was blonder than me and probably asked to be Lady LovelyLocks first so…)

Anyway. Our local fabric store had no Lady Lovely Locks patterns but somehow Mom patched together a couple patterns and me and my sis had very credible LLL and MFH costumes come Halloween. They were veritable confections of ribbons, lace and swirly silk skirts. We each both have ours in storage still and I freely admit that I don’t fit it anymore (since, you know, 20 some odd years have elapsed since it was sewn for me).

These days Mom doesn’t sew my costumes for me anymore, and I miss it. I still love Halloween, though, because it’s the one time of year where you are actually guaranteed the opportunity to be what you aren’t. And sometimes there’s nothing better than not being yourself for the night. So, what’s your favorite Halloween costume from years gone by? What costume have you not done yet but you can’t wait to try?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

  1. I bet if you asked her she might sew a costume for old times’ sake…Mom’s are like that! Enjoyed the blog. My favorite costume story was one year I attended a party in West Hollywood, where the theme was to dress as someone from the opposite sex and all my guy friends raided MY jewelry box for big chandelier earrings.

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