Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus but my school started again and this is my last semester (and then I graduate! Eek!) so I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get my schedule sorted out and such. And I’m STILL on the waitlist for one of the classes I really want so Boo. 😦

Hopefully, I can get back to blogging again more regularly as I settle in to my rhythms at school.

Some fun random bits of news:

This is just a bit of fun but All About Romance Reviews are hosting their annual Reader Poll for their favorite romances of 2010. I admit, since I don’t keep good records of what I read it was a little hard to remember what was a 2010 release and what wasn’t, but eventually I laid down votes for His At Night, Forbidden Rose, Maybe This Time and many, many votes across the categories for Shannon Stacey’s excellent Exclusively Yours. (I also, maybe, voted for The Beauty’s Beast for Best Paranormal Romance and Gabriel for Most Tortured Hero…maybe. *blush*)

Happily Ever After Reviews is hosting a giveaway of Heir to the Underworld. The contest closes at 3pm today so leave your comment now!

I will be interviewed at HC Brown’s blog for their “In the Hot Seat” feature, tomorrow (Jan. 29).

The week of Feb. 10 I will be the guest at the Unusual Historicals blog, where I will discuss The Beauty’s Beast and giveaway an eCopy at the end of the week.

Noble Romance, the publisher of my first book The Beauty’s Beast, are moving their backlist into print. The first titles are already available in print at B& and Amazon, and The Beauty’s Beast should be available in print sometime in the coming weeks!

In totally unrelated news I titled one of my short assignments this week “A Plague on Both Your–Wait, Sorry Wrong Play”.


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