4 Star Review for The Beauty’s Beast

(Do you see what I just did there with the lolcat? I totally bookended it with the dog from last week. I haz madskillz!)

I just got another great review for my sweet paranormal romance (and my first book) The Beauty’s Beast.

Vanessa at Book Geek Reviews really liked it. This was one of my fav parts of the review, though:

“The interaction  between the characters, which was especially difficult considering the hero can’t speak through most of the novel, were well done. We get insight into his thoughts, but he cannot interact “normally” with the heroine, so making their relationship plausible without getting…strange… was a challenge, and I think it was pulled off exceptionally well.”

I worked really hard on making that relationship just right, so I feel very validated right now. 🙂

Go here to read the full review.


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