Like Metamorphosis, But Without the Bug

Yesterday as I was unwinding after a hard day of writing and I decided to pop in a movie to amuse myself. The movie I picked was Romancing the Stone starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. I grew up watching this movie with my mom. In fact, it’s one of the first things I remember watching with her. (I never looked during the love scene, the part where the janitor gets stabbed or when the villain’s hand gets eaten. Actually, I still don’t watch that part). Anyway, RTS is a classic of American cinema and a movie which every romance writer needs to see at least once.


As I was watching the opening (not the fabulous Wild West opening, but the opening in Joan’s apartment) it occurred to me that in the last year or so I have somehow turned in to Joan Wilder.


Here’s the evidence:


1. As Joan is finishing up the ending to her novel, the theme music to How the West Was Won is playing over the action. We then cut to a shot of Joan wearing headphones.



The implication is clear that Joan likes to write while listening to musical scores. And, as I’ve blogged about here and here, I always write my books while listening to movie scores. (In fact, I wrote 4K words on the new MS last night while listening to the movie scores for Reign of Fire, Stargate and Batman Begins.)


2. Joan has forgotten to buy tissues.


Guess who’s got a roll of toilet paper sitting on her desk right now because she forgot to buy a box of tissues when she went grocery shopping? Yeah, it’s me.


3. Joan’s decorating scheme trends heavily toward her own book covers.


Guess who else has one of her book covers on her wall? ME!


4. Joan’s cat is named Romeo, after the Shakespeare character, obviously. My cat, Orlando, is named after the hero in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. (My cat’s also really vain, evil, and maims people who try to pick him up but that’s probably just a coincidence. I mean, we can’t all be turning into Romancing the Stone characters.)



5. Joan likes to do her writing in a sensible flannel nightgown and argyle knee socks.


I spent several hours last night writing in a pair of UC Berkeley sweats (ok, not a flannel nightgown but still they are in the same species of comfy sleepwear) paired with, I kid you not, argyle knee socks.


6. OK, this is the eeriest one of all! Joan’s older sister is married to a sexy Columbian man. My older sister’s best friend is an adorable Columbian man (who does not deal in stolen gem stones, thank goodness).


Jesus, it’s like Metamorphosis, only instead of a giant cockroach I’m slowly turning into Kathleen Turner, circa 1984…


…you know, actually I’m OK with that. ;P


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