Ooops. Forgot to blog today. Darn. In my defense, I did have a very full day. Doctor’s appointment (complete with peeing in the cup and blood tests looming for later in the week. YAY!) Then I hung out with one of my friends who I haven’t seen since the holidays. Then I napped (very important). I just now woke up like an hour ago, and I’ve been triaging RWA chapters and contest entries since then and I only just now had a moment to myself. And do you know what I decided to do? Blog. For you, dear reader. Don’t you feel lucky? ;P

Just a few random thoughts since I am doing this off the cuff.

* When I was flying home for Christmas break I was sandwiched between an older gentleman and a 30-something business man. And about halfway through the flight I realized I had just naturally surrendered my personal space to them. What I mean by that is, that as soon as the businessman sat down I tucked both my elbows in and automatically surrendered both of the arm rests to the gentlemen in question on each side of me. I didn’t even think about doing it. I just automatically defaulted that they had more right to the arm rests than me or something. The really annoying thing was I probably wouldn’t have noticed this at all except in one of my favorite Bujold books someone comments on how men are automatically given much more personal space and as I sat there squashed, elbows tucked in, totally cramped I finally realized it was so true! And such bullshit. After I had my epiphany I spread out a bit, and spent the rest of the fight duking it out with the businessman for his arm rest. On the flight back I had a window seat and was sitting next to a woman. It never came up.

* Two separate men have now come to my door at 8:30 at night asking me to move my car from parking space #40. The problem with this? I don’t have a parking space in this building. I don’t even have a car anymore! Stop bugging me! (Grrr…)

* I think my attention span has shortened. Noticeably. I got a magazine today and I automatically started skimming through the intro to get to the bullet points synopsis of each article. I had to physically make myself read the articles from start to finish. I’ve also been re-reading the Vorkosigan saga this week and instead of reading each book cover to cover I’ve been skipping to the good parts. I NEVER do that. I don’t know if this is a sign of me getting older and becoming more discerning or if it’s a sign of the downfall of civilization as we know it. Time will tell.

* The week AFTER I flew back here, my mom’s house (where I’d been staying) got snow. SNOW! In Southern California. And I missed it. It even stayed around long enough for my sister and her son to have a snowball fight. I am writhing in jealousy right now. Positively writhing.

Ok, that’s all I got. Anybody else got some random thoughts/observations they care to share?


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