Guest Blogger- Vijaya Schartz

Today we have guest-blogger Vijaya Schartz talking about what it takes to write a SF Romance Series.

Writing the Sci-Fi Romance Series by Vijaya Schartz 

When I started writing, I wrote straight sci-fi, my first love. Then I realized that most science-fiction novels had little emotion and rarely any kind of romance. As a reader and female, I always thought these elements were missing from sci-fi novels and movies. Then when a publisher asked me to write sci-fi romance series, I jumped at the opportunity. Literally. I jumped up and down for days.

This new genre has been gaining in popularity, and publishers are now eager to take a chance on sci-fi romance. And they love series. It seems that romance readers are getting tired of the same old story, and the women who like science fiction, suspense, or adventure, find straight sci-fi a little too dry. Not anymore!
The Ancient Enemy series is based upon the disappearance of the Anasazi nation eight hundred years ago. According to legend, they were abducted by aliens. In this scenario, they are returning from the stars. They’ve always been a warrior tribe and now with advanced weapons, after butchering their captors, they are coming to claim the planet of their ancestors, a small blue orb called Earth.

Each book is a separate story, but it continues the saga, and some of the characters from previous books do reappear and play a role in subsequent books. The time is 2023 (the first book starts earlier) and I had to invent a number of gadgets that weren’t invented at the time. I single-handedly invented the epad and was amazed to see a few years later the ipad doing all the things my imaginary epad did. By following the curve of logical evolution of our technology, I did guess right.
But what about the romantic element? I like characters who clash, strong, kick-butt heroines, and that’s what I write. In this series, my girls tote guns, big guns, even alien blasters, and they get over their fear to get the job done. That can be very intimidating for a hero. And conflicts abound in my romantic threads. I believe a strong heroine needs a stronger hero. But he shouldn’t be so strong that they cannot connect. And connect they do. I do not write the erotic kind of futuristic story, but reviewers call my love scenes tasteful, sensual, and even sizzling.
The Ancient Enemy series has three books. The first two, ANAZ-VOOHRI and RELICS, are available in eBook everywhere, and the third, titled KICKING BOTS, the conclusion, is scheduled for release from BWLPP on February 16, 2011 in all eBook formats.
I’m presently working on another sci-fi romance series for another publisher. The CHRONICLES OF KASSOUK will have five books. The three first books are out and two more are coming in 2011 and 2012. So I’m busy writing. Just what any author wants.
I also have a single title sci-fi romance novel titled SNATCHED, coming out in March 2010. So if you like a little sci-fi in your romance, or a little romance in your sci-fi, along with suspenseful adventures, pick up one of my books. You won’t regret it.
Ancient Enemy Book One – Anaz-voohri:
Since he witnessed the abduction of his baby sister by an alien creature, Zack will stop at nothing to rescue her, even if it means joining the Special Forces. But Tia Vargas, the reckless Amazon training the secret unit for a highly classified mission, harbors a deadly secret. Where the mission leads, the faint hearted should not follow. Neither Zack nor Tia are ready for what they discover, and the farther they go, the more it becomes clear that what’s behind the scenes could spell the end of the human race…
Ancient Enemy Book Two – Relics:
When archeologist Celene Dupres is called to an alien ship crash site and witnesses her father’s massacre, little does she know that inside her DNA sleeps a trigger implanted by aliens when she was abducted as a child.  Determined to avenge her father’s murder and retrieve his alien relics, Celene meets the dangerously handsome Kin Raidon who offers to help, and leads her into a world of international intrigue.  But Kin is much more than he appears… 
Government agencies like ORION are hunting Celene for the threat she represents to humanity.  Not all the factions agree, and Kin seems like the perfect protector for Celene.  But this man she chooses to trust, the man she is learning to love, is the secret agent assigned to kill her…

Well, thanks for stopping by, Vijaya.
Readers, if you want to know more about  Vijaya’s SFR series, you can check her out at her:


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