So, I’ve been a fan of Glee since the beginning. But I actually have a horrible track record with them because I literally hate every other episode. See, the problem is I usually love every other episode. So from week to week I never know if I’m going to love it or be gnashing my teeth for 45 minutes in irritation. It’s a problem because when Glee is good it is SO GOOD. But when Glee is bad it is bad on a truly epic scale.

Take this season, for instance. The episode where they introduced Blaine, “Never Been Kissed”? Brilliant. Loved it. I’ve played The Warblers “Teenage Dream” like 50 times since then. And I love the meet cute between Kurt and Blaine. Adorable. Sweet. SO GOOD.

Then they had the Gweneth Paltrow episode which was essentially an entire episode designed to stroke Gweneth Paltrow’s ego. The storyline sucked and the songs, which can usually save a bad episode for me, also blew major chunks.

Another perfect example of this yin yang effect is the pairing of “Furt” and the sectionals episode. “Furt” was touching and emotional and the songs were fantastic. (Again, “Marry You” has pretty much been on repeat since I watched that episode). Then we get to Sectionals. And I had really high hopes because the sectionals episode last season rocked. And then the Sectionals episode sucked. A lot. “Time of my Life”? Really?And the storyline stuff just irritated me. I understand it’s TV so the couples can’t be happy. Ever. But the way they *
broke up Finn and Rachel just pissed me off. They didn’t even show her cheating with Puck in real time. The audience learned about it in flashback so we didn’t know it was coming anymore than Finn. So there was no tension. Sloppy writing.

I seriously don’t understand why this happens. Do the writers switch off from episode to episode? I can’t think of a single other TV show that is so inconsistent. Usually you hate something or you love it and that doesn’t really vary literally from episode to episode.

All that said, Glee is still producing really good music and giving me enough emotional crack (the wedding! OMG! SO GOOD) that I’m going to keep coming back for at least a little while longer. But oh Glee, I wish I knew how to quit you.

On that note, here’s a small sampling of the addictive powers of Glee. A sort of greatest hits (somewhat hampered by what I could find available on YouTube). Enjoy!


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