Monday Review: Megamind

So, my nephew is 7 years old and a bit of a movie freak. I’m at my mom’s house visiting for Thanksgiving break so last night me and my sister took the nephew to go see Megamind, the new Dreamworks movie.

I’d actually heard this movie was pretty cute. There’s been a rash of Megamind fanart on devArt for instance. Like this adorable pic from artist lily-fox:

Megamind is a superhero movie sort of inside out, told from the point of view of the supervillain, Megamind. Megamind’s nemesis is the superhero Metro Man, but then everything goes to pot when Megamind actually manages to defeat and kill Metro Man.  His victory sends Megamind into a bit of a tailspin as he loses his purpose in life.

Apparently being evil just isn’t any fun without some good to fight against.

The plot thickens when Megamind, in disguise, starts falling for intrepid girl reporter Roxanne. Will Roxanne still love him once she knows he’s a supervillain? Will Megamind stay evil or maybe try his hand at being the good guy for once? Has he finally found something worth being good for?

So, the movie is really rather good. And it doesn’t suffer from my usual complaint with Dreamworks movies which is their tendency to rely heavily on pop culture references and slapstick for their humor. This movie had some great gags and the romance was sweet and well-developed. I also think Megamind is really sweet and likable hero for all that he’s a supervillain. (His evil minion, Minion, was another delight.)

I think this movie was appropriate kids while still being really enjoyable for the adults in the audience. Me and my sister were laughing aloud a LOT, and my nephew (despite being a bit iffy during the trailers) came out of the movie skipping and proclaiming he really liked the movie. If you have kids or if you just like kids’ movies you should give this one a try. 🙂


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