Guest Blogger-Author Interview with J.E. Taylor

Hey folks, for our Tuesday guest-blogger today we have another author interview. This time with J.E. Taylor, author of the upcoming Mind Games and the newly released Vengeance.

Vengeance Blurb:

Living large in New York City as a corporate lawyer for the most savvy drug lord on the East Coast, Special Agent Steve Williams carefully plots Charlie Wisnowski’s downfall.  His plans go to hell when his wife Jennifer survives an attack by a serial killer.  With her life in jeopardy and his undercover guise threatening to unravel, he orders Charlie’s arrest.  But the sting goes woefully wrong and Steve becomes the target of a mafia assassin hired by the biggest crime boss in America. 

Escaping from the city, Steve and Jennifer settle back into their quiet life on the banks of Mirror Lake. Their peaceful existence shatters with a crippling loss and Jennifer’s visions escalate, forecasting a brutal assault on their family.    

Armed with scant details from her dreams, Steve trudges through a litany of past connections, searching for the key to stop the course of fate. 

What he uncovers chills him to the core – a brother with a grudge, a serial killer and a mafia assassin are all on his trail.  The hunt begins . . .

Hello, JC and welcome. I’m just going to jump right in with the first question. What is the most challenging part of writing for you? Drafting? Writing? Editing? JET: Most of the time, the writing that first draft is the easiest part – with that said, if I get stuck on the story’s direction, that’s when I hit a wall.  Those are the most frustrating times, but stepping back and turning my attention to something else helps to iron out those crinkles.  Also, I found that sleep – dreaming in fact – has helped me find the right direction.  Dreams and nightmares are a wonderful tool and if that fails, I pick up a good book.     

What genres do you write, and why do you think you write them?
JET: I primarily focus on horror and thrillers no matter what sub-genre – whether that’s erotica, fantasy or YA, I always lean to the dark side.  Why – that’s a good question.  One answer is I’m and adrenaline junkie.  I love a good scare, driving fast and anything that gets my heart pumping.  It’s funny that I’m answering this today, particularly since my father brought me a book I wrote in sixth grade – my first story.  Even this has a dark ending and my, oh my, it provided me and my kids with a good laugh.  
I think I’m going to laminate the pages so it doesn’t get ruined. 

What are some of things that have inspired your writing?
JET:  The look in my kids eyes when they read my short stories or when my first author copies arrived.  To know I inspire them to reach for their dreams makes my sacrifices much more palatable. 

What is your writing schedule like?
JET:   In-freakin’-sane.  I have a demanding day job that sucks between forty and fifty hours a week of my time, then kid’s activities suck another few hours a week.  I sleep between six and eight hours a night, which leaves evenings and weekends.  And since I started this serious play at the writing game in 2007, I’ve used every free hour I have to write, edit or otherwise hone my craft.    

If you could attempt any career in the world what would it be? Why?
JET:   Beyond being a published author – which was my prior ideal career choice and now that I’ve attained that, I’d love to write and direct a full length movie.  My degree is in Radio & Television Broadcasting and it’s been close to twenty years since I worked in that field.  I did create three of the four book trailers I have and that was fun, but it still isn’t the same as producing an entire movie.  

What is the one thing you most want to check off your Lifelong To-Do List that you haven’t done yet?
JET:   Ménage?  Just kidding.  J  I’d like to travel the world, particularly Australia.  I’d also like to visit England, Ireland and Scotland as well as Eastern Europe. 

Tell me a little about your latest release. What’s it about and where can I buy it?
JET:   November is a busy month for me.  I’ve got two releases coming out – VENGEANCE – which hit the shelves on November 1, 2010 and MIND GAMES  – which will hit the shelves at the end of the month.  

After an undercover bust goes to hell, Special Agent Steve Williams becomes the target of an assassin and his wife’s visions escalate, forecasting a brutal assault on their family. Escaping from the city and armed with scant details from Jennifer’s dreams, Steve trudges through a litany of past connections, searching for the key to stop the course of fate.  A brother with a grudge, a serial killer and a mafia assassin are all on his trail and the hunt begins . . .
Click Here for buy link.

Chris Ryan doesn’t understand why he’s alive.  If it wasn’t for a miracle, he would have died in the prison his step-brother created and five years of nightmares hasn’t erased his passion for Jessica Connor. Haunted by visions of her daughter’s death, he runs to her doorstep, but all his good intentions fall short when they realize he led the vengeful spirit of his step-brother right to her. 

What’s your next project? What are you working on right now?
JET:   I’m working on the next novel in my Steve Williams series called Hunting Season.  This one brings together characters from both the FBI series and the Games series.  Here’s my elevator pitch for the book… 
When Special Agent Steve Williams’ nemesis escapes from custody and targets everyone Steve cares about, a turn of fate brings Steve face-to-face with the FBI’s most wanted.  Now he faces a decision -partner with the fugitive, or arrest him and lose his best chance to catch the bastard who destroyed his family.   

Well, thanks for talking with us today JE. Readers, if you want to learn more from JE’s books you can visit:


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