Casual Friday-Swing Dancing

Haha, you probably thought since it’s so late today that I was going to miss posting. Well, joke’s on you because here I am.

So, as you may or may not know, Friday is typically the day I witter on about whatever I please, a “Casual Friday” if you please (see what I did there?)

Today, my topic is swing-dancing. And why, you may ask. Well, it’s a hobby I recently picked up and one I am well on my way to being hopelessly addicted to. My school has a pretty active swing community see, and I’ve always wanted to learn, so I joined the class.

Yesterday, I went with a big group of people from class to swing venue in the city and it was FANTASTIC. It was in this old ballroom type place, and the floor was wood (this is nice because sometimes we all end up dancing on concrete) and there were lots of new people to dance with. Always nice because dancing with new people helps you learn. As a bonus, I ran into two of my guy friends from high school, and I ended up dancing two dances each with both of them. A very pleasant surprise.

I think the reason I love swing dancing so much is because it’s really just pure fun. The type I do is called “social dancing” where all you’re doing is dancing, just dancing. Like our grandparents used to do in the old days. No competition, no pressure. You’re just dancing. And it’s a really chill atmosphere so you can pretty much walk up to anybody in the place and ask them to dance. I’ve asked and been asked, and been pleasantly surprised with the quality of my partners. And the bonus of the low pressure atmosphere is even when you’re not very good or you’re just starting out there’s no penalty for screwing up. You laugh, your partner laughs and you both just keep dancing.

As a for instance the other day I was dancing with one of my friends from class and for whatever reason, maybe we were both tired, or distracted or whatever, but man! he and I were just screwing up right and left. Flubbing our steps. I started doing a wrong move, he’d forget what move he’d been trying to do. We were a mess. And so I, laughingly told him, “Best dance ever.”

You know what, it actually kind of was. Thinking back on that massively inept dance several days later I still smile every time because even though we were screwing up the moves we were both smiling and laughing the whole time. I guess the moral of this story is you don’t necessarily have to even be good at swing dancing to enjoy the heck out of it.

And now, to send you on your way, here’s a fabulous video of Jean and Bromley, two wonderful dancers from whom I am taking a class tomorrow. (I can’t wait!)

Cross-posted on The Waters of Lethe.


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