Release Day!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Friday randomness to celebrate a small release party for my short story. 

Today is the release day for my erotic short story from Whispers Publishing.

Erotiquicks are hot, steamy stories of 3000 words and up. They can be set in any time period, any place. Sci-fi, fantasy or even a straight contemporary like MY story “The Robber Wife.”:D

Here’s some blurby goodness for my story:

Jon’s wife, Cassie, left him when she found out he killed people for a living. To pay back for the lies and the, you know, dead people, she stole all his money and cleaned out their apartment down to the last tube of toothpaste. After three years he’s still got it bad for the woman who broke his heart and plundered his wallet. So when she breaks into his apartment one night hoping for a reconciliation— or maybe another chance at his cash— all Jon has to decide is whether he’s going to kill her… or kiss her.

This story was based on a writing exercise for a SF/F writing workshop I was in. The idea was to write a short scene based around a central conflict. One character wants something and the other character absolutely does not want them to get it. I enjoyed the short little snippet so much when I heard about the Erotiquick contest, I decided Jon and Cassie’s story would make for a perfect Erotiquick.

This was also the first piece of fiction I ever sold, and, though I’ve since sold my YA novel, Heir to the Underworld to Sapphire Blue Publishing, (/plug) I’m still really proud of this little story.

I hope people like it.

“The Robber Wife” is for sale for 99 cents (what a bargain!) from Whispers Publishing. Click here, or if you prefer pictures, the cover on my sidebar should take you to the website.

Go buy a copy and help support a starving artist/student. ;P


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