I suck … again…

I’ve decided to put 12 Days of M&M on hold for a week or two because my homework situation has just spiraled out of control and I don’t want the guilt of not completing my writing time for the day piled onto that right now.

*sigh* I suck.

ETA: Oh, and check out the new word counter (that means feed readers should actually click through to the blog so they can see it on the sidebar). Pretty, ne? And if anyone’s paying attention the word count dropped from 27K to 14K because the 27K was all the various scenes I had written for the novel that weren’t strung together and incorporated. I cut those out and dumped them all in their own file to be inserted back in as I go and SO long story long, the 14K is words that are actually shunted into place exactly where they should be, in order, in the story.

And if you’re thinking that I’m blogging to avoid doing my homework… you’re right. 🙂


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