M&M 1: 12 Days of "The Minion and the Mistress"

All right, so, I kicked ass on The Minion and the Mistress and then I realized that there was just more stuff that I needed to develop. The villain for instance. And the romance in some respects. So now there all these additional bits in the middle that I need to write. And my discipline is just shot to shit at the moment so! Time for another 12 Days writing binge.

So here’s the plan for those of my two readers who missed 12 Days of Freddy: I’m going to dedicate at least an hour to finishing my latest MS every day. Twelve days starting today. I don’t know if that will get me finished. I hope so. I’ve got 22K of a 30K novella, after all. So, the Twelve Days of M&M starts…now!

I expect the posts will be short, just a way of keeping me honest and on task and probably not very interesting, so be forewarned.

ETA: Progress for today: Shuffled around a bunch of stuff, brainstormed plot developments and a short outline in my writing notebook, and wrote a little over 2200 words tonight which takes me to over 26K. Now I just need to figure out when Ruuk figures out that Annith isn’t the Demon King’s mistress. The problem being that once he does realize she’s not then he’s going to want to help her escape, and that really can’t happen until the end of the story and right now it wants to happen in the middle somewhere. *sigh* Characters. They never want to do what you want them to do.


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