The Minion and the Mistress

Now, who is this pretty fellow you may ask? Well, he is the hero of my latest story: The Minion and the Mistress.

And why is he gracing the log today you may ask, well:


*cue triumphant laughter*

46 pages. 14, 639 words. My first novella ever.

*is proud of herself*

Yay! There wll be much happy dancing in the realm of Moth tonight! 😀

(p.s. Valky, this is what I was waiting for on posting the tusky piccy: The Proper Occasision.)


3 thoughts on “The Minion and the Mistress

  1. Valky says:

    YAY!!!! Excellent. (And well played m'dear, well played.)Who's a pretty litle minion? You is baby, you is. Yum.

  2. Moth says:

    Big. Stupid and Pretty. Just how you like 'em! 😀

  3. Valky says:

    JUST how I like 'em. The man was practically designed to meet my exacting specifications.

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