The Minion Progress

So, I am kicking ass on the evil minion story. Over 10,000 words (More than 30 double spaced pages) in less than a week. I’ve only got a few more scenes to write and then it will be done. (And I’ve already surpassed my original word count target which was 10K)

And I feel guilty.

Why? You may ask. Why when you are making such good progress?

Well…because it isn’t finished yet!

Crazy, right?

But I really want to finish it! I want Po and Annith to get their HEA. I want other people to be able to read this. I want it done. And I’ve been going like gangbusters this weekend. Really. Probably 7000 of those 10000 words have been banged out this weekend alone, and I’ve only been writing this story for a few days period. And this is a WAY higher word count than I’ve been managing lately for any other story. But, but… I wanna finish it!

I think this is one of the hitherto unrecognized pratfalls of short fiction. Because it’s so short you feel like you should be able to finish it in one go. Alas. Alack…

Ah well, maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow. ;P

ETA: Final word count for the night? 11960 words. 38 pages. One fight scene left to write tomorrow when my brain starts working and then this story’s first draft will officially be done!


One thought on “The Minion Progress

  1. Valky says:

    Yay!! And post my photoshopped tusky boy, dammit!

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