The Minion and the Mistress, aka The Demon King’s Minion, aka The Evil Minion and the Wicked Mistress, aka…

“He gave a small chuckle. “Ah, love. This is your home. You shall live in my lap, die in my arms and be buried in my eyes. Now, doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“It sounds like you ripping off Shakespeare for a crappy pick-up line.”
~From the WIP mentioned below…

So, I’ve started a short story. I’m intending to send it to Drollerie Press for one of their upcoming anthologies, and if they don’t take it then I’ll spice it up a bit and submit it to a few other ePubs.

I can’t decide what the title should be, though, (hence the title of this post), so what do you like:

The Minion and the Mistress
The Demon King’s Minion
The Evil Minion and the Wicked Mistress

What strikes your fancy? Or is there another title you think might be good too? (And look to the side there at the shiny new progress bar. 27% done. Woot)…(if it turns out to 10,000 words, which, between you and me, I could see it getting a fair bit longer than that. Damn voices in my head. Won’t shut up!)


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