Tessa: The Beginning

“Overworked, under-built, steaming pile of space shit!”

And so begins my next foray into the world of fiction. In other words: I started my new MS tonight and there’s the first line. 🙂

I’ve been toying with the world and flirting with the characters for at least a month or two now while my other MS is out on submissions. I figured enough is enough: time to start the new project already! Right? Right.

Made some good progress too. 4 pgs and 2716 words. Not bad. Not bad. I think I need to work on my focus, though. I kept reading back and editing, overthinking stuff. And I didn’t really feel “in the flow,” as it were.

I think another problem is that my last MS “Freddy” was one I’d been toodling with (ie bludgeoning myself with) for nearly four years before I finished it. I knew the characters of Freddy REALLY well by the end. They’d been living in my head for years and years (in one case since I was 12). I knew them intimately. It’s a little strange now to be working with relative “strangers” for my characters now.

Another issue I think is my last book was set in a mostly familiar world: modern day SoCal. And my main character’s frame of reference was a modern one. The new MS is a SF novel and I find myself worrying: “Am I doing too much SF jargoning? Too little? Is that made-up word too silly? Should I establish the world more? Explain the tech? etc, etc.” And all this while I’m just trying to hammer out the first four pages. Sheesh.

I think I need to take a pill and just let myself write. I can worry about all the other shit later when its time to go back and edit this mofo.


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