The Dread Synopsis

If you ask me the Synopsis is the single most evil part of a submission packet any gatekeeper could ever ask you to write. It needs to be coherent and gripping, get the plot across, get the voice across, and, oh yea, can you do that in under a page? Kthnxbye!

Argh. Argh. Argh.

I think I’ve finally got the three page version in shape, but the one pager- oy! What a headache. The people at Evil Editor’s blog are getting pretty sick of me, I’m sure.

Bleck. Can’t publishing people just trust me when I say I’m brilliant and read the book? *hopeful face*


Oh. Oh well.

*deep sigh*


One thought on “The Dread Synopsis

  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, I totally think the three pager is much harder than the one pager. The one pager is just enough of a teaser without tossing in too much information that it makes it easier. The three pager requires imputing a lot more detail and story line without being too specific but without being too vague. Ugh…you’re right, it would be nice if people could just take our word for it about being brilliant but you know that then everyone out there would claim to be brilliant–not a good thing.

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