Deep Sigh and Once more into the Breech!

“I could be pursuing an untamed ornithoid without cause.” ~Data from Star Trek: TNG


So, I realized tonight that Blogger doesn’t notify you when you get comments unless you give them an email so people who commented in August (sheesh) and got no response that’s why and I’m so, so sorry- if you’re still reading this at all.

I’m STILL editing Freddy. Oy. This book is a friggin’ monster. There’s just so much I want to do with it. Worlds to build. Gods to develop. Mythology to construct. Characters to arc. And now I’ve trashed…three? of the middle chapters and need to rewrite them entirely. And they want to be re-written. they do. Really. But does the Muse want to give me some help with getting them re-written? Oh no.

*sigh* I’m half-tempted to toss this MS aside for now and work on something else. It’s just…so much blood and tears and time have gone into this thing and my sister and Beta readers really wanna read it (for once). I hate to disappoint. Plus, what I have is fresh and original and pretty good (I think). This darn book has Potential (yes, with a capital P) and I’m not ready to give up on it.

Urgh. I think I may have to do a 12 days of Editing Freddy. And I’ll have to either do it now or wait until late November or December. I have applications I have to do in October/November.

Decisions, decisions.


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