Freddy 9: Argghh

damn damn damn

I don’t know how the stupid thing ends!

I was writing along and I thought I had gotten past my wall, and now I’m stalled out again! I started to go back to the last thing that works…and back…and back and now I’m back so far I’m totally re-thinking the last three chapters I’ve written. And it’s no good saying “it’s ok they’re crummy, they’re just placeholders anyway until I get all the kinks out”. That isn’t working because my Muse won’t cooperate. It doesn’t like these chapters. It’s done for the night, unless I can think of another way of handling this frigging Final Showdown. Argh!

At this point, just to get the first draft done- so I can FINALLY go back and flesh out and tighten and iron the problems out- I’m half tempted to write “Fight scene, Fight Scene, Fight Scene” for the difficult bits as a placeholder, like I did with Garwaf to get it done. The problem being the issues of this book are more than just one little two page fight scene. I’ve got whole chapters that are malfunctioning here. Big chapters. Critical chapters. Important friggin’ chapters that need to be carrying their weight and instead they’re falling flat.


I think I’m going to go off and do a bit of a freewrite/rant for myself to get my head and the traling threads of this stupid story sorted.



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