Freddy 6: Onward and Upward

“You know you’ve created a god in your own image when he hates all the same people you do.” ~Unknown (I think this quote is particularly appropriate as my MS is all about gods and I’ve even gone so far as to have made a few of my own up along the way. Teehee).

Onward and upward. Yup. That’s me and my characters. Onward and up the hill after a harrowing car crash in their case. Onward and upward through a block of text for me. No big chunks of new writing to report today. Mostly tweaks and tightening on stuff I’ve already written as I try and ease myself through that Writing Wall I was talking about earlier. So far so good I’ve just really had to flesh out instead of cut out. I think up until the bit in the ballroom I can just tweak and tighten. The ballroom bit, I suspect, though, will unfortunately fall under the onslaught of my red pen.

Halfway through my 12 Days of…I must say I think reporting on it is good. So far its forced me to get my bum to a keyboard much more regularly than I have been in recent memory. And I am optimistic of good results at the end of this 12 days. Even if I am only managing to actually write something every other day or so. Believe me when I say that is much more consistent a habit then I have been keeping up with of late. At this point I think I will definitely add this experiment to my repertoire when I find myself stuck on a book in the future. Particularly if it sound happen in the last gasp as with this one.

You know what else, i’m blogging again, aren’t I?


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