Freddy 3: I’m On a Roll

“If you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.” ~On Writing by Stephen King

Besides making up my neglected time from yesterday I have also jammed through hard-core for today’s writing time. I’ve been futzing on and off with the novel for nearly five hours (with periodic short breaks to re-inspire myself and eat dinner). This is my idea of fun so don’t worry- I’m not crazy. All in all I’ve made massive progress today. I’ve inserted a bunch of pre-written scenes (one of which I wrote in part five years ago) and I’ve actually done a lot of new writing. As of now (because I plan to continue a little longer after I post this)…

1742 previously untyped words typed
2813 completely new words out of my head and onto the computer screen
And for the total forward progress over 2300 words stuck and in place where they should be in sequence in the novel.

Not bad. Not bad at all.


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