Freddy 2: I’m Lame

“Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes, and forgot.” ~Neil Gaiman

Okay, so I’m lame and blew it on my second of twelve days. That’s right, kids. I didn’t do any work on the book yesterday. That is, Day Two of my Twelve Days of Furious Book Writing that I’m committed to. I thought about it, of course, but I did not actually put fingers to keyboard or pen to paper or any thing like that. I’m so lame I didn’t even blog about not writing like I said I would. So! To make up I am committed to at least double the minimum amount of time (an hour) I said I would spend writing every day. And, good news, I’ve already made up the time I didn’t do yesterday. I went through my old notebooks to cull them for scenes I need for the end that I haven’t typed out yet. 1762 words of stuff that wasn’t typed out yet all typed out and ready to go and of that 1762 about 400 of them are totally new. Whoo-hoo. Okay. I should be back to blog day three in another hour or two. Ta!:D


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